Handcrafted Quality

Meet combines the traditional art of brush making with responsible manufacturing practiceto bring you makeup brushes with 100% handmade quality.


Materials? ONLY the Finest.

Premium quality can only be born by combining skilled work with the best materials available.

Each material used in making our makeup brush is carefully selected by our brush experts to ensure it's green & of top-quality.

At Meet, for makeup brush production, we only use:

  • Cruelty-free synthetic hair or ethically sourced natural bristle
  • 0.5mm-thick ferrules that didn't undergo secondary oxidation
  • Dry wood handles coated with non-toxic paints

All materials will go through strict in-house inspections. Only qualified hair, ferrules, and handles will be put into mass production.

Our Process

Handcrafted For Delicate Details

brush hair weighing


Hair is weighed to ensure each brush contains a consistent volume of bristle for a precisely shaped head.

brush head shaping

Removing Inferior Hair

Then our brush artisan combs the hair to remove hand by hand the inferior stiff hair or hair without tips.

brush hair combing

Brush Shaping

Like a tailor, our experienced craftsman will put the hair into a mold which is custom-made for the brush tip, tab them and bundle them with a cotton string.

After that, he will further perfect the tip with a blade for a more meticulous finish.

brush head gluing

Brush Head Gluing

A specially made adhesive is used to glue the brush head to the ferrules. The brush head should be air-dried for at least 12 hours to ensure no shedding hair.

Excellent crafting skills make sure that there's no excessive glue that will destroy the classy look of your brush.

handle assembly

Handle Assembling

Wooden or plastic handles well-processed in our factory are glued to the ferrules with AB adhesive & air dried for at least 8 hours to prevent shedding.

brush cleaning


After assembly, every makeup brush is cleaned thoroughly to remove any stain & handprint for an eye-pleasing & elegant look.

Our Inspection

Guarantee For Consistent Quality


Brush Hair

  • Hair Length

    Measure the hair to make sure the length tolerance is kept within 1mm.

  • Hair Density

    Touch to ensure the hair density is consistent among the brushes in the same batch.

  • Hair Weight

    Weigh the hair to ensure the volume is qualified to perform its function.


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